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It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end

– Ernest Hemingway

Through the AAKAR ART GROUP Workshop, we aim to build the largest network of passionate artists and creative person, who believe in the power of creativity. Individuals who intend to celebrate experiences of art and culture.

What we are we looking for?

  • • Belief in the power of creative mindset
  • • Good communication skills
  • • Inclination towards art and culture
  • • Openness to learn
  • • Passionate for creative arts
  • • An ability to comfortably adapt and work in competitive environments
  • • Creative thinking


  • • Creative Mindset
  • • Able to participate in different programs when announced
  • • The fellows will be required to complete the given project and an assignment in which they will have to show their creativity. They will receive the AAKAR ART GROUP Workshop certificate upon its successful completion.

Participation Charges:

The participation charges for the Workshop depend on the project’s nature. It includes access to Project AAKAR ART GROUP resources and program modules.

Application and Selection Process

The application for AAKAR ART GROUP Workshop Program consists of:

  • • Background information on you and your work
  • • Your resume/CV

Please complete the application form in English

The application forms will be evaluated after which the selected candidates will appear for the second round of telephonic interview

Please Note : If you face any error filling out the form, feel free to contact us at -

Anmol Deep (Design and Media Manager)
+91 9358271377


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