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About Us

Aakar Art Group is a 25 years old company based in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, which gather artists from all over India and specializes in supporting Indian artists.

It is an organisation which looks around exploring the society of art and artists. There are many artists wish to share their creative work and story with many other like-minded people and also wants to explore themselves.

Our Artists

Dr. Anupam Bhatnagar
Dr. Ashok Kumar Dixit
Prahlad Sharma
Anil Mohanpuriya
Laxyapal Singh Rathore
Vinay Trivedi


We have had enough of negativity. May Aakar Art Group help us appreciate the world around, to convince us that is not all that bad as it is described to be, but beautiful lovable and livable!
Shri Raghunandan Ji
Thinker and Writer

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